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Back to O'Canada!

storm 26 °C

Well what can we say, that trip was INCREDIBLE! We still haven't arrived back in Canada yet, but are just sitting in the airport now waiting to board our 20 hour flight home. This is going to be a LONG day. We leave at 0600 here, and then fly to Tokyo, then from there back to Seattle then onto Calgary. We arrive around 11:30 in the morning, but it is as if we are traveling back in time which will be strange.

Our last cab ride happened here this morning, and it seemed as if every time we would catch one, the cab driver would always ask us tones of questions of where we were from, what we were doing and how long we were staying. Naturally, both Raelene and I love to chat, so we always got into some pretty funny conversations with the cab drivers. Sometimes their accent was hard to understand, but most people can speak english fairly well. Their taxis ranged from a standard normal taxi that looked like the picture I have posted below and then there was also some mercedes and other luxury vehicles here and there but we never bothered taking one.

Now just sitting here in the airport we are going through photos, and remincising of all the adventures we did over the last 10 days! I can't believe we fit it all in and lived to tell the tale! We can all agree that having this travel blog has been nice since our family back home and our friends were able to see what we've been up to, and also others will be able to read about it once we are back home. I am glad we decided to take this trip way back when we were still in school together. It had been a excellent trip and I think I've laughed so much that my abs have strengthened! I think there was even talk of a future trip again next year, but we haven't quite decided yet where we want to go.

I just quickly wanted to share the view of the sunset last night to close this blog so we can forever be reminded of the that breathtaking moment, and our amazing trip.


Well it looks like we are about the board the plane, so better shut this thing down and head on home!

Until our next adventure-

Dalyce, Raelene, and Kimberly xoxo

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East Coast Park

sunny 27 °C

Hey all!!

After our foam party adventure that we had last night, we decided to take a day for some rest, relaxation, beach time and of course, more sightseeing!!!

We decided to head to East Coast Park. It is a HUGE park and has a beautiful and very scenic coastline that stretches over 15km! So naturally Kim took a bazillion pictures with her fancy toy.

We managed to find the Bowling Alley, that's right, a BOWLING ALLEY in the park!!! It was an awesome experience!! After that we went to explore the park some more and found a good spot to build some sand castles, and got a chance to rent some bicycles!!

These are a couple of the amazing sand castles that we saw.

It was lunch time and we were STARVING! So we found a cute little cafe just off of the main pathway. This is a picture of what my latte looked like!! Such a work of art!

For the rest of the day we layed on the beach, played in the water, and talked about our adventures in Singapore!

See you all soon!!


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What do you get when you combine a beach with a party?

rain 26 °C

You get the night we had last night. And a lot of sand in your swimsuit.

We had a bit of a lazy day around our hostel yesterday, then decided to go back to Sentosa Island for a beach party. We ran into some guys that we met when we were on the island a few days ago, and they invited us to go with them. It's hard to turn down a beach party. And it ended up being a foam party! Which was really cool.

We decided since we haven't really shared many photos of ourselves yet, we decided that we would put them all in this entry. Because up until now you can barely tell we're even actually in Singapore! Except I think like, one photo of us zip-lining when we were on Sentosa Island.

Dalyce and I when we first arrived in Singapore (not bad for no sleep, eh?)

Kim playing on the beach at Sentosa Island.

Unfortunately we couldn't get Dalyce to wear this to the beach party.

The foam coming down!

Are you guys getting sick of seeing pictures of us yet? We have a couple more we just took of ourselves, then you're done looking at our faces.

Taken with my crappy webcam.

Taken with Kim's fancy new camera.

Alright, now that you've seen that many photos of us, I suppose I could actually write a little bit about the night. It was so much fun. I have been to a couple foam parties in Mexico before, but a Singapore foam party is a whole new experience. It was SO packed on the beach and inside the building. We were inside for most of it because it started pouring rain, unfortunately. And it's really hot, so it was (and still is) so humid.

Kim absolutely loved Sentosa Island, so she loved going back for a second time. And we didn't stay for the night last time we were there, so this was a bit different.

We'll write another blog later (I think Dalyce wants to write the next one) about what we're doing today. Talk to you guys later!


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Singapore Botanic Gardens

overcast 28 °C

Hey everyone!

We decided to go and see the Singapore Botanic Gardens today. Prior to our trip we did some research on things we wanted to do/see and it was rating #1 by guests on multiple websites. Plus after such an adventurous trip so far, we wanted a day to relax a little bit. We got very lucky, it looked like it was going to pour rain all day but luckily never did.

The entrance of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore's national flower is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, also known as the Singapore Orchid, and they were in the National Orchid Garden section.

There were so many pathways and fountains, we easily spent basically the entire day just wandering around looking at the flowers. My favourite section was the Ginger Garden area. There was an amazing waterfall that I basically could not take my eyes away from.

At the mall yesterday, we learnt that electronics are really inexpensive in Singapore, so Kim bought a new camera for herself to get some really nice photos of the flowers. (don't the pictures she took look amazing??)

There is an area of the gardens called 'Palm Valley' and it's a big park that's popular for visitors to sit and have lunch during the day. Which we did, of course. We met a few fellow Canadian travellers while we were having lunch. They are from Toronto, and are leaving tomorrow. So after we left the gardens, we went and had a Singapore Sling with them (we're in Singapore, we couldn't just have one at the Raffles hotel) at a lounge near by.

Now we're just sitting at our hostel, talking about the day and looking at Kim's photos. Naturally she took way too many. I figured if she wrote this blog entry she would have put all of them because they all look so gorgeous, so these photos are just a teaser until we get back and can show everyone all of them!

Dalyce is representing SAIT with her sweater while we're in Singapore!
(they don't know I'm putting this photo on the blog yet, shhhh)


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Day and Night Out

The last few days have been an absolute blast, and yesterday was a whole new adventure of it's own. We decided to sleep in a bit because we new that that night we wanted to go that night to Zouk- a local hot spot. So after have a bit of a sleep in we started our day off at Haji Lane.

After shopping at the Suntec Mall the other day, we heard that we must also check out one of the best shopping sections in Singapore. It is located in the Muslim quarter and it is any "fashionista's" dream come true! I fell in LOVE with this store called PLUCK. I couldn't get over their selection of unique items of clothing and furniture and really enjoyed trying on their dresses. At the end of my browsing, I decided to purchase a dress even though it was on the expensive side of things, but I really loved it and I knew it would be a good souvenir and I could wear for at least a couple years to come. It was $78.00, which I thought was justifiable compared to the other dresses that were $200.00+. There were several other amazing stores, and I would recommend anyone who loves to shop to check it out. Unfortunately we are not made out of money, so we mostly did a lot of window shopping, but the culture and the experience was still worth the time to go check it out.

Fiora Vintage Dress

After we we finished off at the Haji Lane, we walked back to the Suntec Mall to check out some electronics. I have been deliberating whether or not I should purchase a new camera because I really do appreciate a quality picture and currently I own a standard camera and it does take sub-par photos. They had killer deals and I took a while to decide, but I ended up getting a great deal on a Canon EOS 60D Camera w/ Canon 18-55mm IS Lens. This in North America would be upwards to $2,000.00 and I got an outrageous deal for $970.00. I know that seems like a lot, but if you know anything about photography, it is an expensive hobby, and so I felt it was worth the money. Oh and it came with a cleaning kit too which is also a bonus! Here is a picture of my new baby and I got to take some awesome photos at our next stop the Singapore Flyer!


Well, now that I have my new toy I was extremely excited to crack it open and put it to good use. Within walking distance of the Suntec Mall is the Singapore Flyer which is a gorgeous Ferris Wheel that gave us an other incredible view of Singapore. The Flyer is the world largest observation wheel and you can even book to have a full butler service and dinner inside the cabins which would be amazing, but of course we couldn't afford it.(If you click on the name Singapore Flyer, it will take you to the page where you are able to see a little more of what they offer). We just purchased the standing cabin that cost us $30 dollars each. I went photo crazy and was was really impressed with some of the results. Also, we all agreed on how romantic it would be if we got the chance to go on a date and have one of those private meal cabins! Ah that would be spectacular!

Singapore Flyer

So after the Singapore Flyer, we headed back to the hostel to have a rest and relax before setting out on our night life adventure! We heard that the most hip happening place is the night club Zouk- and well it really was. I didn't get several pictures of the club itself, although I found a link to photos of the club so you can get an idea of how interesting the decoration was in there. We ended up having the time of our lives and meeting some awesome people! We may have drank a little too much, but it all worth a good story in the end.

Zouk Night Club


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